Sunday, 11 July 2010

What is British?

Went along to a festival of 'Britishness' yesterday in town. Mrs S and I came away with mixed feelings.

The festival was packed with nostalgia, a Punch and Judy Show, some guys having a manful go at some Beatles numbers, 'Eastenders' and 'Coronation Street' memorabilia, and lots of sweets from Mr Cadbury and Mr Rowntree. There were some splendidly preserved cars like an Austin A40 Countryman, Jags, 1960-70's MG's a Gorgeous little Sunbeam Tiger V8, and even a split screen Moggy thou. All apart from one car on display were imports with left hand drive. There was even a 'British club' which Mrs S and I decided wasn't 'us'.

Was all this 1960's and 70's nostalgia 'British' though? I found myself wondering. Do I come from a country without culture? I'm still wondering.......

Oh what the hell, the pool's warm and the sun's shining - TTFN.

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