Friday, 30 July 2010

You learn something new every day

Popped over to this article on I hate the Media about some 40 terrorists who allegedly got their just desserts when trying to work out a delivery system for Bubonic Plague.

Now, the post had this picture of a foot with a massive dose of gangrene (Do not view if of a delicate nature - very yucky picture). I posted almost reflexively that the foot looked like it was gangrene due to Frostbite, and that there being no lymph nodes in the foot to infect and swell, so maybe it was the wrong photo. Someone else posted that no, it was genuine and posted the aforementioned link from the University of Iowa. Apparently advanced Distal Necrosis is a symptom of Bubonic plague.

Must have been a very nasty way to die. Incredibly painful. Yet I would posit thus; if the people who contracted the plague were trying to develop a delivery system to spread said nasty disease, then they deserved all they got.

As an aside, before the modern conventions on biological warfare were drawn up, all sides in the Cold War had been experimenting with diseases to wipe out the predominant ethnic group of the other nation. A US Military treatise on Biological warfare can be found here.

What the jihadi terrorists forget is, as was found out during the cold war, Biological weapons are very much a two edged sword. They kill indiscriminately and tend to kill the attacker as often as the attacked. Should Al-Qaeda again contemplate using such diseases to kill as many Christians / Jews / Everyone as possible; they should always bear in mind that what can empty the Temples, Churches and Synagogues of the infidel or kufar will also empty Mosques. Such diseases are that indiscriminate.

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