Sunday, 11 July 2010

Calm down dear, it's only a commercial.......

Excuse the cheesy title, derived from an awful UK daytime TV commercial that once achieved near cult status, but I'm not too worried about the pronouncement of a certain Masha Bell regarding 'English being too difficult' for ickle kiddies to learn.

There's been a lot of knee-jerk blogosphere derision on the subject, but 20 seconds googling brought the following to my attention;

Masha has a book out, called 'Understanding English Spelling' Published in 2004 and a booklet called 'Rules and exceptions of English spelling'. Published in 2009. Pretty odd that someone would be supposedly calling for the dumbing down of language and simplifying spelling whilst having books published upon the very subject, don't you think? Rattus Norvegicus anyone?

The thought does occur that were English not so diverse and 'complicated', it would not be such an effective tool of communication, and much of our literary heritage would be consigned to the scrapheap. The thought also occurs; that like any author, Masha has a book to sell. I wish her well.

Returning to pool now.

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