Sunday, 18 July 2010

It's not their money

Jonah Brown was going to do it, now Cameroid and Cleggsky want to do it; use money from 'dormant' bank accounts to give to their favourite causes. Not yours, not mine, but theirs.

I object most strongly to this because;
a) I have a couple of UK Bank accounts in 'dormant' mode in case I visit the UK and need the odd hundred for emergency petty cash.
b) Taking money that does not belong to you is, and call me an old silly for thinking this; to put it bluntly, theft. Stealing. Unlawfully purloining the chattels of others. Taking without permission; call it what you will.

For Cameron to even suggest such a move is profoundly illiberal and against the concept of private property. That's like seeing someone else's car parked in their garage and selling it to line your own pockets. Taking what belongs to others is theft and there are laws against it. Or at least I thought there were, who knows nowadays? The last lot passed so many it's hard to be sure any more.

I do think that you poor buggers back in the UK have gotten rid of one bunch of elitist, illiberal, thieving tosspots and simply substituted another. If the money in 'dormant' accounts belongs to anyone, it belongs either to the person whose account it is, or their heirs and successors. Heirs and successors as a group emphatically does not include smooth talking slapheads who think they can do as they like because they were their political parties rubber stamp.

Maybe I should close everything down next time I'm in the UK and leave my financial bridges in flames, or just blow what remains on the Stepkids birthday bash in October. Cameron and Clegg can stick their 'big society' where the sun shineth not.

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