Thursday, 15 July 2010

Great minds think alike........

On the 14th, I wrote this post. My comrade in words Delcatto had a number of things to say on the topic.

Today, I had a look at the 'Your Freedom' website and found this posted;

After a rather heated debate from the 'entitled', one of whose comments was this;

The moderator suggested that suggestions of this nature might better be posted elsewhere.

(Yes, I too have been unemployed, and felt lucky to get what small help I did. I recall that stuff like the odd glass of alcoholic beverage and occasional cigar, which I had heretofore enjoyed, were pleasures I had to forgo until I found a new job and my cashflow improved.)

Other topics for UK cost cutting can be posted on this site. Get stuck in.

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delcatto said...

Interesting comments there but some people appear to forget or ignore the use of benefits as a safety net only. Not to fund an alternative lifestyle to working and earning money.
For the long term unemployed i.e. those who haven't worked for the past five years plus: mandatory gardening; allotments for fresh fruit & veg; clearing & tidying public spaces; whatever it takes to maintain or engender pride in oneself and one's community. For the majority of those who have been made recently unemployed it will be a shock and their desire to find paid employment will be their primary concern. During the times of plenty until the past eighteen months there was no excuse for being unemployed.

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