Monday, 26 July 2010

Is this a Seamount I see before me?

After a relatively quiet weekend there's been a sudden uptick in seismic activity in a specific area in the Tjörnes fracture zone north of Iceland. The second screengrab shows the location which is just off the main fracture zone, where most of the activity appears to be occurring. Also hard to tell if the depth of quake is decreasing, which might indicate rising magma.

My problem is putting the pieces of of an incomplete jigsaw together. Is it a Seamount? Is it growing? Without charts and soundings from those waters I can't hazard an answer. It's very frustrating. While seismicity on its own means nothing, it does look as though something vaguely volcanic is going on. Wonder what it is?

Update: Keeping an eye on the situation appears to be nigh on impossible at present, as the Icelandic Met Office's web site is groaning under the strain.

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