Monday, 22 February 2010

You what?

This comes under the heading of 'Whoever dreamed this up has lost it big time'.

Restaurants in Scotland are going to be threatened with legal action if their portion sizes are above a government prescribed limit according to this article. Scottish Supermarkets are going to have to put 'unhealthy' food off their shelves? Sorry, I just burst into uncontrollable giggles, which is most undignified for a man of my maturity.

Right, so the Scottish National Party led Government has decided that instead of combating things like crime, urban and social decay, poor road infrastructure, or public transit issues it is going to effectively institute rationing in the country that gave the world the deep fried Mars bar? (See above picture) Oh for crying out loud!

Well here's a piece of news for you boys and girls of the SNP. Legislate all you want. Cut portion sizes. Forbid the selling of sweets or anything remotely fatty. Until you cut the social budget, and stop making it so easy for people to sit on their arses all day, you'll be stuck with an 'obesity time bomb'. Off with their massive plasma screen televisions. Take the handcuffs off business so they can afford to employ more people, and thus get all the tubby people working off a few excess calories. Unless of course you want to get massacred at the next election for being a bunch of control freak wank artists. No pressure.

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