Saturday, 27 February 2010

Not drowning but waving

Because of the Chilean Earthquake a Tsunami advisory has just been issued for the BC coast. We have friends who were about to put their new boat in the water this weekend. We had hoped to join them for a quick celebratory quaff to launch their new pride and joy onwards, but unless they're out in open water by 3pm Pacific Standard time, maybe it won't be such a good idea.

This far from Chile, and especially on our sheltered part of Vancouver Island we don't expect to see much of a problem, but the emergency kits will be readied just in case. We're about three hundred metres from the foreshore at an elevation of about eighty metres, so I don't think anything will happen. There's a risk of soil slippage and erosion closer to the waterfront, so we'll open the doors in case any of our neighbours get seriously affected. No fuss, no bother. We're here for our neighbours as they would be for us. It's that kind of neighbourhood.

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