Saturday, 20 February 2010

How I learned to stop worrying and love nuclear power

A long time ago in the many hued ignorance of my youth, I was fervently anti-nuclear. Until that is it was carefully explained to me that commercial nuclear power plants are less than useful when used to providing fissile materials suitable for making nuclear weapons. Thereupon I changed my mind. In the interim I always found it difficult to explain my stance to certain people for whom the word 'nuclear' was synonymous with 'instant death'. Now Drbuzzo over at Depleted Cranium has put all the reasons why we should not be worried about nuclear reprocessing plants used to create baby murdering doomsday machines into one reasonably pithy piece. In his own words;
Not one ounce of weapons plutonium ever came from a commercial nuclear power plant.
Go read it in full. Highly enlightening.

As far as the activists are concerned we need more honest articles like these which explain in no uncertain terms how stuff works, and why it won't blow up and kill us all. We definitely need less drama queen like squealing that "The sky is gonna fall" just because some researcher says mankinds doom might happen if..... only to find that said researcher put the proverbial decimal point in the wrong place, or regurgitated someone else's speculation as fact. Leave that to the lamestream cut n' paste journo's.

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