Monday, 22 February 2010

Newsy stuff

Yes, Gordon Brown throws tantrums (As well as the odd Nokia) because he can't handle the job of Prime Minister, but is that news? Those in the know have been aware of this stuff since old Jonah was Chancellor and before. He's unelected and not in control, not fit for purpose. Never was. So what's new?

On the upside, and with not a little hint of 'told you so' it turns out that a fishing ban around Australia's Great Barrier Reef is allowing the reef to regenerate. Another environmental 'No shit, Sherlock' revelation. Although the spokesperson delivering the news had to tack of the tired old guff about the 'bigger threat being climate change' at the end. Contrariwise, in this article published in December 2008, Local Shark expert Ben Cropp is quoted as saying;
"The only change I've seen has been the result of over-fishing, pollution, too many tourists or people dropping anchors on the reef,"
Other locals using the mark 1 eyeball to observe what is going on tend to confirm Mr Cropps observations. Yet the lamestream still regurgitates the activist deck that "We're all going to die because of CO2 emissions." Sad, so truly sad, and the public are catching on to the lie big time.

Ice caps and glaciers not disappearing. Global temperatures indicating a cooling trend. Statistical studies and computer climate models out of step with reality. Scare stories abound, but all of them are highly speculative and not worth bothering with. The IPCC's 2007 AR4 report more full of holes than Gruyere.

What else? Argentina is Sabre rattling over oil exploration in the Falklands, although I don't think they'll be so quick to invade if they remember the spanking they got last time round. On the other hand, old Jonah and the Mandelsnake would roll over and let the Falkland Islanders take it up the chuff if it suited them.

Megrahi the convicted Lockerbie bomber not dead yet? Am I surprised? Not really. The 'three months to live' thing had to be a bluff. People get told stuff like this all the time and are still breathing five years later. People die in prison a lot too.

Paedophile wins award. Convicted child rapist and sodomiser Roman Polanski won an award at the Berlin film festival. Why isn't he doing time for what he did? Just goes to show that if you have enough fame and money, you too can be above the law. Walks away shaking head sadly. I read the book by Robert Harris recently, and it would be relatively easy to write a cracking script based on the narrative.

Hi ho. Time to get on with the working day.

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