Friday, 12 February 2010

The good news and the bad news

Good news for chocolate lovers! Apparently it can reduce the chance of CVA's or Strokes. In the UK daily Telegraph it is reported that in a study at the University of Toronto with a sample of 50,000 people, chomping down on the sweet and dark stuff can reduce your chance of a Cerebro Vascular Accident or Stroke, by 22 percent.

Bad news for vegetarians. The Quorn or Tofu you eat because you want to sit on some farcically moral dietary high ground is actually bad for the environment. Not only does the stuff increase your personal emissions, but it has a big 'carbon footprint' as well. The study, commissioned by the WWF, was undertaken by Cranfield University and reported thus in the UK Times.

H/T's to The Filthy Engineer and Tim Worstall respectively

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