Saturday, 20 February 2010

A grand day out parts one and two

Mrs S and I went for a day out in Vancouver yesterday and had a thoroughly nice time. Left the car in town and chose to walk and use Vancouvers public transit system instead. Minimal aggravation and maximum smile value. We went to see all the free stuff that a neighbour had told us about. Lots of standing in line, which no one seemed to mind, and apart from dodging the scalpers and avoiding a couple of protest groups, the day went swimmingly.

1. Ferry arriving at the ferry terminal
2. Another Ferry leaving Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal
3. Ferry steeplechase start line. The hydraulics for the pedestrian ramps failed, so we all had to exit off the lower car decks. Lining up for starters orders.....
4. And.... THEY'RE OFF! The bus queue steeplechase has started!
5. First stop in Vancouver was to be the Sochi 2014 display at the science world. On the way there past the back of the Casino was this display of flags.
6. From the back of the line, a view of Vancouvers science world and the Sochi 2014 bid display.
7. From later in the day, trainee masochists try out the zipline.
8. A ride on the Skytrain. CCTV and RCMP Police foot patrols onboard. I was impressed with the security. Good natured but enough to deter the anti-social.
9. A long view of the Olympic flame through security mesh. A pro Cannabis protest prevented us getting a better view.
10. No council jobsworth will tell them to take down this flag in a hurry.
11. Canada place.
12. Outside Vancouver Art Gallery and Museum queuing up to see the Da Vinci sketches exhibit.
13. North Vancouver from the bus on the way home.

A. Bus queues at Horseshoe bay
B. Rock Gods (Inukshuk, Inuit waymarkers) opposite the Olympic village.
C. Very long shot of Olympic Village from Science Centre Queue.
D. BC Place
E. See all the white tents at the back of BC Place? Security search facilities.
F. Old fashioned Vancouver trolleybus
G. 'Go Canada, Go' at the junction of Burrard St
H. Coast Salish carving centre outside Vancouver Art Gallery
I. Kids and parents posing in bobsled outside Vancouver Art Gallery
J. Canada place
K. Outside Vancouvers Fairmont Hotel
L. Me getting spookily interactive inside the Art gallery

All taken on a basic cameraphone. Note to self; get better camera and wear better walking boots next time round.

Great day out. Lots of freebies. Glorious sunshine all day. A truly grand day out.

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