Sunday, 14 February 2010

Beyond parody

Well there it is; out in the open from no less a person than Dr Philip Jones of Hadley Climate Research Unit. His data does not support the warming hypothesis because it is 'disorganised'.

In effect these guys have been trying too hard to prove the warming hypothesis with, to be charitable, perhaps not 'dodgy' data, but definitely inconclusive data. The Emperor of Climate Change is perhaps wearing the briefest of see through G-strings, but definitely not the full panoply of garments as claimed by his many vociferous acolytes.

The cheerleaders for catastrophic man made global climate change really do need to be put through the total perspective vortex to see that we as a species have no more effect on climate that a man swimming the English Channel. Locally we might splash a bit, but on geologic timescales we are an invisible dot on an invisible dot. Insignificant. Deep time will be the proof of that.

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smallblind said...

Did you read the article you linked to?

If so how did you possibly come to the conclusion that Phil Jones agrees "His data does not support the warming hypothesis because it is 'disorganised'."

How about a couple of actual quotes from the linked to article

"He said he stood by the view that recent climate warming was most likely predominantly man-made."


"The major datasets mostly agree," he said. "If some of our critics spent less time criticising us and prepared a dataset of their own, that would be much more constructive."

While I'm certainly not personally completely convinced that global warming is man made the recent crowing from certain sectors that the science is completely debunked based on a few errors out of the thousands of peer reviewed papers seems like wishful thinking.

Finally gleeful posts like this which don't actually properly convey the gist of the linked to items don't help your cause much in my opinion.

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