Sunday, 21 February 2010

A phone call from my Mother

I usually make a transatlantic phone call to my Mother every second Sunday.

Today I was busy making breakfast when she rang me. Her first words? "I think we've got the snow meant for the Winter Olympics." Then went on to describe the winter wonderland currently gracing her locale in the UK. "What's it like with you?" She asked.
"Oh, brilliant sunshine. Not so cold. The rain has come and gone. It's very bright in our Kitchen. Gorgeous day." I responded.
"That's nice. Perhaps Gordon Brown could negotiate sending some of that warm weather our way." She said.
"I think that's precisely what happened." I responded. "He manages to screw everything else up." We both chuckled with each other over the transatlantic link.

Mothers and their sons should share a laugh now and again.

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