Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Well this is going to work......not

Just read the outline of how the UK government intends to prevent 'illegal downloading' of material from the Internet and am trying to stop laughing. They really don't get it do they?

I write this because there are holes in this proposal big enough to drive the proverbial truck through. According to the proposal, Internet connections of 'persistent offenders' will be 'cut' or have their download speeds 'throttled'. Oh dearie me. What a bunch of bozos. They want to control something, but really have no idea how it works. Identifying the 'illegal downloaders' requires a closed, stable network, with fixed identifiable IP addresses and machine names. It pays no attention to Wi-Fi devices which can access the Internet and download anywhere there's a decent signal. For example, Youngest has an iTouch which can download music and videos off any public Wi-Fi point. If you move around a town with any modern laptop or netbook and use the many free Wi-Fi services, then accessing peer to peer sites is a snip. Simply accessing a peer to peer file sharing site via anonymous proxies can help dodge the bullet on these proposals. Jeeezus! These UK control freak politicians really have no idea about technology have they?

Just when you think there's no more stupidity to ridicule, along comes a UK Government Minister parading his ignorance like a fourth of July celebration. On the very subject for which he is supposed to be Minister. In the words of the sage of sages, Bugs Bunny; Whattta maroon! They don't even believe in Internet Gremlins.

I need tea.

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Central User said...

If I were Mr Timms, I am certain that I would not want my biographical notes to read like that.

In my world, someone who goes through jobs like that must be rubbish.

Actually, when you read the list it reads like soething out of 'Yes Minister'. Unbelievable.

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