Saturday, 29 August 2009


Keep on seeing stories about the UK Met offices gi-normous 'pooter Deep Black 'creating' thousands of tons of 'carbon pollution'. Yet still it can't make a weather prediction better than Piers Corbyn with his solar charts and pocket calculator.

Mind you, I suppose all the techies at the Met Office need something that can play a network game of Halo2 or World of Warcraft on Vista without appreciably slowing down. So far said machine has proved less than effective at mid to long term weather forecasting so it has to be used for something. Three years on the trot the UK Met office has got it's outlook forecasting disastrously wrong. Barbecue summer anyone? Snigger. ROFL. The year we left the UK (2007) it was chucking it down, major floods, UK summer 2008 was likewise a washout, and now 2009. Three years wrong predictions should be telling them that their models are like models everywhere; very little to do with real life, no matter how much computing power is thrown at them. Furthermore, said machine has a two month boot up cycle, which kind of makes my antiquated Thinkpad running Windows 98SE look like a champeen performer.

Like all this climate change mallarkey, it's a massive waste of taxpayer dollar / pound / euro / whatever, and anyone with half a functioning brain cell can see that. The models don't work because the premise behind them has to be fatally flawed. Minor atmospheric trace gas as major climate driver? Pull the other one Guv'nor.

Maybe all those Met Office boffins who are trying to 'prove' global warming with their climate models should re learn the scientific method. You know, use the data to work out the answer, and not work the data to prove their chosen answer.

There's also all the brain-dead 'climate change' protesters (Not a Science or Engineering degree worth spit in a busload) who want everyone else to fall in line with their Neo Malthusian nonsense. As someone who happily recycles and lives a relatively 'green' lifestyle I'm not impressed.

Tell you what boys and girls, if you think this world is so over populated, go fall on your swords and leave the rest of us in peace. Alternatively, yea and verily go thou out into the wilderness and live off carbon credits. Live in a commune or ashram in the wilderness. Become 'breatharians' (But keep your CO2 emissions to a minimum). Put your own well being where your mouths are. See how long you last without all the industry based support mechanisms of the modern world. Take Uncle Al Gore and all the other Global Warming advocates with you. You won't be missed. Let the real environmentalists highlight things like deforestation, pollution and overfishing. We need more trees and fish, and less pollution.

Stuff 'em all. I've got important things to do and my Dog has found a dead seal on the beach which should keep him happily occupied for days.

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