Thursday, 13 August 2009

How about sod off.....

Another "Thank God I live in Canada" moment. The UK powers that be are suggesting that everyone must dance (Or what else?) I can't, having like so many others the proverbial two left feet. Enforced dancing is a crime against my Terpsichorean challenged feet. That and said feet are excused dancing shoes due to work boot induced plantar fasciitis.

Please Mr / Ms / Mrs Visa processing person, tick the box to make me a permanent resident of Canada so I don't have to go back to that insane asylum. Ever.

Why in the name of all the gods can't the UK's political elite just SOD OFF AND LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! Politics isn't the answer. Politics doesn't fix anything. Although one of these might if applied with the correct angular momentum to a politician or one of their camp followers.

Politicians of whatever stripe aren't smarter than the rest of us, all they're good at is getting elected. After that they should be immediately locked up so they can do the least harm. Like in Terry Pratchetts Last Continent.

Excuse me, I've been drinking. Sometimes it's the only time that stuff like this actually makes sense.

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delcatto said...

Plantar fasciitis....I had that a few years back and I was mighty glad to get rid of it. New shoes and stopping the night clubbing (dancing like a dervish* on speed) helped.

I'll do what I always do when a new directive comes from asylum central...ignore it.

*Undoubtedly non PC.

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