Sunday, 9 August 2009

Clearing the decks

In preparation for two week long visit of youngest from the UK, Mrs S and I spent Sunday turning our apartment upside down. Mrs S has tired of reading up on Feng Shui, and picked up one of these interior design books about the Indian discipline of Vastu. This means that I have spent my day moving furniture around. The joys of cosy domesticity eh?

I ended up having to fix the TV when a cable broke, leaving half a phono plug rather awkwardly jammed in the DVD video feed socket. Once I'd cleared the socket, which involved stripping off the TV's casing, and shoving the broken piece out from the inside, a new cable was purchased and I'm keeping the old one as a spare in case Mrs S manages to break one of our Hi-fi leads. My dearest one does have a propensity for moving things without looking, and when I hear a thump followed by her particular cry of frustration I know it's time to reach for my tool kit. Sigh, all makes work for the working man etcetera, etcetera..

In spite of that, the apartment looks more spacious, my dog likes his new sleeping arrangements underneath the TV, and the vacuum cleaner nearly packed up with all the dust bunnies and dog hair it had to swallow. I'm prepared to put up with the current disruption to my working routine because I get the place to myself for two whole weekends while les girls spend time shopping in Vancouver and Kelowna next weekend and the one after. Me? I have a couple of local fishing spots scouted out, and intend to pursue the life piscatorial while nobody's looking.

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