Sunday, 23 August 2009

Weekend alone

Mrs S and youngest left me on my lonesome with my dog this weekend while they went over to a weekend conference in mainland BC. The chores are done, I've been fishing, and the house looks like a rubbish bomb has hit it because I defaulted to bachelor mode. Why? Why not? I wanted a lazy couple of days is why. Yet when Mrs S and youngest return tomorrow eve, all will be clean and fresh, and my other half will be none the wiser.

What has happened? Not a lot apart from the odd spot of unwelcome wildlife in neighbour folks Koi pond. Unwelcome wildlife butchered all the fish in the pond, which has much displeased neighbours. They tried traps etc, but to no avail. I did suggest snares but I've got a sneaking feeling that course of action would have the local wildlife officer down on them like a thousand kilo's of rectangular clay building things. Not a happy thought. Also suggested a 5mm perspex sheet with a number of two inch holes drilled in it hidden just under the water. The idea being that unwelcome wildlife would take a header after viewing juicy looking sushi and Splash! Bonk! Unwelcome wildlife gets a perspex induced migraine, and elects not to use their Koi pond as a feeding station again; pain being a great teaching aid. Well, that's the preferred outcome. Failing that, I was going to suggest stringing 30lb fishing line across the pond, just under the surface, but then neighbour folk would have had to deal with highly pissed off wildlife tangled up in the line in the small hours. So mayhap this was not such a good idea.

Did some worthwhile writing on my latest manuscript. Good character and story driven dialogue which kind of gets me out of a rather sticky plot conundrum by switching narrative threads. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

What the hell, the weather's been gorgeously sunny and not too hot. Mr Brain is ticking over nicely without ten million intrusive domestic details and left field questions to fret over, yet the chores are getting done without any fuss and palaver. Time to feed the dog.

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