Friday, 28 August 2009

A night at the movies

Mrs S, Youngest and I went to see a movie last night. Julie & Julia. Verdict; excellent. Two thumbs up. Meryl Streep is magnificent as larger than life 1950's American cook, Julia Child, with the ever splendid Stanley Tucci in support.

Great movie, go and see it. It's worth it for the Lobster and chicken gags alone, although vegetarians and vegans won't be impressed. A real foodie movie.

It even made up for being dragged round the shops for three hours beforehand, it was that good. Tremendous enjoyment, and I empathised every step of the way with the way Merly Streep acted when her character finally got her cookery book published. Brill.

Now if only they'd kick that pious proselytizing pseudo environmentalist David Suzuki off the screen on the pre show adverts, the evening would have been even better. I don't know why his lecturing style irritates me, only that it does.

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