Thursday, 20 August 2009


Well, it's officially the silly season in the UK press. You might expect this sort of thing in the UK's Sunday Sport or the USA's National Enquirer, but zombies? According to one august organ who should remain nameless, the killer (my paraphrase) sentence appears right towards the end of the article;
(The research)..... was conducted by one professor and three students, whose ‘research’ consisted mainly of watching zombie films and playing video games.
Heavy sigh. Groan.. Stagger. Where's me fishing gear? I'm off to find sanity at the waters edge.


delcatto said...

Zombies will have a hard time because brainz appear to be in short supply.

Bill Sticker said...

Well, functional brains appear to be in short supply at least. I can only suppose that Zombies might treat the average nonfunctional human brain rather like junk food.

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