Tuesday, 31 March 2009


One of the minor issues I have with life over in BC is the lack of variety in things like savory pastries, so in a moment of madness last night I attempted to cook something I have never successfully attempted before. A Pork pie made to this recipe. Be warned, the video starts automatically so turn the volume down, but this is food pron of the highest order. My attempt is pictured below, and Mrs S and I are looking forward to consuming it with or without gusto, but with english mustard.
First verdict? Slightly different, but very good. No gelatin (Didn't feel ambitious enough). Substituted beer for chicken stock, parsley for sage, and soy sauce for the anchovy oil specified; oh and I used butter, not lard in the pastry. Pork pie for supper then. Drool.

Must do it again.

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