Monday, 23 March 2009

Thank you

I'd just like to say a really, truly, big, thunderous, ground shaking thank you to Canadian Immigration. Good show chaps. Well done Jason Kenney. Keep up the good work.

It's just a pity the UK politician in question didn't try to force the issue physically at Toronto or Vancouver Airport and so give the RCMP a good excuse to double Tazer the bastard. Notwithstanding, while attending a film festival this weekend at Vancouver Island University I noted that someone was gathering signatures on a petition to reverse the immigration ministers decision. This is only to be expected in Canada, where fair mindedness is not so much a way of life as a national obsession. On the other hand, the petitioners seemed only to have gathered less than a page full of signatures come close of play. Unless of course they were frightfully good at hiding the finished sheets.

The film festival was good though. I saw seven very interesting documentaries which all (Except one) shared the same fatal flaw; they all made sweeping generalisations that in effect ended up, at least for me, undermining their central premise. All sharks are 'good'. Not so, Tiger and Bull Sharks do kill and eat people; All Americans are 'bad'. Not so; warmer weather is 'bad'; it's all a CIA conspiracy against everything. Catch my drift?. The film makers almost all fell into the trap of trying a little too hard, although I can heartily recommend 'The Devil plays Hardball' about a 10 month mentoring programme trying to get homeless people off the streets of Vancouver. That was the exception (At least of the movies I saw). Non judgemental and fair minded. It's an eye opener.

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