Sunday, 8 March 2009

Where's the heat?

Occasionally the mainstream media monster seems to wake from it's journalistic slumber and actually ask a question that really matters. One of those questions that strikes to the heart of a belief system showing that the emperors new clothes are not really clothes after all, and that someone is indeed "avin' a larf". Mostly at our expense.

Today it is the turn of the Boston globe, which thoughtfully asks "Where's the global warming?". The comments section is alive as usual with verbal warfare between the believers and sceptics. One might get the impression that there is a whole sector of the population who require carting away to 'green re-education camps'. Yet despite all the rhetoric, the straw men arguments, the appeals to authority, and all the other symptoms of extreme cognitive dissonance; the salient question remains as the heat only occurs where it has traditionally done so, and the rest of us on planet earth are finding it a trifle chillier than usual;

Where's the warming?

Update 11am PST 9th March: I know that "weather isn't climate" (However, climate is the 'sum' of the weather) but if it's getting warmer, why is it bloody snowing? It's not supposed to snow here in our part of BC. Warmer my arse.

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