Sunday, 1 March 2009

Links revisited

I've been tidying up the old sidebar as I dust the cobwebs off this blog and send it creaking back into life again. Some old friends have stopped, others are going strong, others like me stopped, started, and just to be cussed about it started a new blog because the old one wasn't appropriate and more. Writing of which, I popped over to the 'Walking the Streets' blog and lifted a few contacts off the old sidebar who were still going, and removed a few that had stopped posting or been deleted. Added to sidebar;

Town Mouse (Ex Disgruntled commuter)
Accidental observer
London underground blog
Trauma Queen
I work with fools
Post Secret blog
Al’s blog

As previously; any links to this blog will be reciprocated (Even if I don't agree with what you have to say - You still have the right to say it.)

1 comment:

antikva said...

ooh, ooh, you're back!

I hope you've been keeping well! I am so glad to see you writing again!

I'll put your link back now :-)

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