Monday, 16 March 2009

A.K.A. Soap dodgers

They call themselves the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality, but the shadowy group that organized Sunday's protest-cum-riot through downtown Montreal clearly does not stop there. Other things they oppose, judging from the destruction they left behind: fast food, pharmacies, comfortable hotels and symphony-going suburbanites.

Since the 'protestors' were able to trash half a neighbourhood in Montreal, maybe there wasn't enough Police brutality in the first place to stop them.

In all my dealings with Police on both sides of the pond, I've never had to raise my voice. In fact to do so would have been counter productive. One polite enquiry got me a friendly half hour talk with the local RCMP watch commander, who was kind enough to point me in the direction of a job (Not Police related). I hope to be able to pay him back for his kindness one day.

The idiots who think going toe to toe with the riot squad makes them some kind of 'heroes' are sadly mistaken. A gentleman by the name of Mohandas K Gandhi proved their approach wrong, and managed to get the British out of India in the process. Maybe there's a lesson there. For those that would learn, certainly.

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