Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Obama disses Britain?

I want to make one thing clear; I think Gordon Brown is a disaster as Prime Minister of Britain, as was that grinning idiot before him. Their government is one of the reasons Mrs S and I are emigrating. However, his treatment by the new US president was quite insulting, and quite frankly it makes Obama and his administration look like a bunch of incompetent amateurs. Why? Watch what Glen Beck has to say on this matter.
As for the statement "Britain is no more important than 190 other countries". Well next time the Obama administration calls for the support of other nations in their various adventures, maybe the other nations should just hang up the 'busy' sign. Allies? Someone had better send the boy president a dictionary so he can look up the meaning of the word.

I like the yanks, great people, great country; but I'm severely disappointed by the actions of their current administration. They can't even suck up to the Russians properly. If this is how they treat 'friendly' nations, then maybe the friendship of the friendly nations like Britain and Canada (Who, incidentally are both losing servicemen and women in US led fights) should get a bit more conditional until the Americans see sense and kick this bunch of losers into the political bleachers. Yes, I know there wasn't much of a choice at election time, but come on guys? Is this administration the best America has to offer?

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