Monday, 16 March 2009

Well, I agree with him...

The mainstream media seemed to have missed quite a thundering address by Lord Christopher Monckton at the New York ICCC.
"There was no climate crisis. There is no climate crisis. There will be no climate crisis. “Global warming” is not a global crisis. It is a global scientific fraud."

Sooo, that would make him a 'denier' then? And therefore all like opinions, thus demonised, will be studiously ignored at the coming G20 conference. Yet no one in the AGW camp, especially the godfather of climate change, a certain Albert Gore, will debate the science and evidence with Lord Monckton or others who are specialists in the field.

Lord Monckton also hints darkly that the philosophy of "Anthropogenic climate change" and measures being undertaken to 'stop' it, may even be racist because the people who are suffering as so called 'green' biofuel production reduces and inflates the price of their staple food supplies are;
"only black people, poor people, in far-away countries of which we know little, with no voice and no vote."

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