Saturday, 14 March 2009

Write out 100 times...

I must be more precise in my use of English.

Dropping a comment on the Watts up with that climate blog (A very good science blog BTW, one of, if not the best) I came in for a little ridicule when I naively asked about the comparative numbers present at the New York ICCC conference, and the IPCC conference. I asked for enlightenment on how many properly qualified climate scientists were present at each conference. Several other commenters took pains to have a little dig at my expense. The IPCC conference attendance of course is widely toted as having 2500 attendees, and the ICCC 600 or thereabouts.

No contest, right? Of course there were more at the IPCC, stands to reason? More people, more properly qualified scientists, yeah? A-hem. I should have been more precise in my use of English. My question should have been; how many of the attendees at the IPCC and ICCC conferences had no real qualification in 'climate science' or associated discipline like atmospheric physics etc? Also how many were primarily economists, personal assistants, politicians, and their associated hangers on etc?

I really must be more careful how I frame my questions in future. It's at times like these the shade of my old High School English Teacher speaks unto me in sonorous tones; "Okay Sticker, now write that out 100 times, and don't do it again."


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