Tuesday, 9 November 2010

There's nothing new, philosophically speaking

Today I have been reminding myself of the work of poets and authors two millennia gone. How apposite their meaning is even now.
I itch to depart for the West and the limitless sea,
Each time green pretenders to wisdom and virtue
Who live in falsehood, dare spout of 'denial'.

The opening lines of Juvenal's second Satire. Paraphrased and bowdlerised to extinction by me.

For anyone vaguely interested, the actual opening reads like this;
Vltra Sauromatas fugere hinc libet et glacialem Oceanum,
Quotiens aliquid de moribus audent
Qui Curios simulant et Bacchanalia uiuunt
Yet the railing against hypocrisy and falsehood remains the same.

For there is little I find, outside technology, that is truly new.
If ancient poets were now reincarnated, they would be bloggers of a Libertarian hue.

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