Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hanging on to a learning curve

I'm currently climbing a very steep learning curve regarding bowhunting. What is the best tool for the job? Has been the question sitting in my forebrain since a long in depth talk with one of the local experts who bade me look up the work of a Dr Ed Ashby.

Having read through the study documents twice, I'm drawn to the conclusion that a chisel tip two blade broadhead made of 58 Hardness Stainless Steel like this on a 680 grain arrow will fill the freezer nicely. There's a lot of information to digest, and still more practice to do before I'm ready for a real hunt. I'm utterly fascinated by the sheer weight of information compiled by Dr Ashby. I'm hanging on to the steep end of a learning curve, culturally speaking, trying to keep my grip. I can't see me being ready until some time late 2011. My little 45lb recurve won't be here until February as it is currently at the shippers awaiting the next container westbound.

For those interested, Dr Ashby's conclusions can be read via or via the links below.

Arrow lethality part 1
Arrow lethality part 2
Arrow lethality part 3
Arrow lethality part 4
Arrow lethality part 5
Update part 1
Update part 2
Update part 3
Update part 4
Update part 5
Update part 6

I have a great deal to learn. So, it would seem does a person apparently hunting with a crossbow in an urban area. Dozy wassuck. Semi rural areas fine; suburban most definitely not. Although it is possible that the shooter was hunting in the farmlands and woodland to the north of the area cited, so maybe I'm being a little harsh.

The thought does occur that hunting where the 'muddled moderns' have their semi sanitised playgrounds is nonetheless counter productive. It doesn't do to antagonise the squeamish. Especially those who don't or can't understand where those delicious meats come from on their local deli counter.

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