Thursday, 11 November 2010

A final word on remembrance day

A little anecdote is in order here;

Mrs S and I were test driving 4x4's yesterday, and got to off topic conversation with the salesperson as we put a couple of vehicles through their paces.

"So." Says our very chatty salesperson. "How does it work with remembrance day in England."
"It's usually the closest Sunday." Said Mrs S as we swung through a short series of S-bends and briskly up a hill with my foot moving floorwards.
"So does everything shut down like over here on the eleventh?"
"No. It's business as usual." Replied Mrs S. There was a slight pause.
"But that's disrespectful." Said slightly shocked salesperson.

Me, I just smiled and kept driving. God, I love this place.


Anonymous said...

So glad that you have found a real country, living it is believing it, sad how myopic the Isles have become.

Bill Sticker said...

I was there a few weeks ago. My goodness, the old places have gone down hill faster than a Teflon coated pig on glass.

Or maybe I've just gotten used to how much cleaner British Columbia is.

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