Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Revolting natives

The current student protest in London has been almost inevitably hijacked by rentamob who are venting their pointless fury on CCHQ The news the rentarioters didn't do it to Labour when tuition fees were introduced in 2004 is no surprise.

I know our kids aren't there as we've just been talking to them on Skype. They're in their final year and already funded. They've also been doing some voluntary work today. Even though the hike in fees has left them feeling rather ticked off.

Mostly the protesters are, according to youngest, "Politics students." Who are being bussed down to London.

I'm just glad our two have found better, more positive, things to do than simply shout and bust things up. They're also too busy making plans for Christmas parties in Vancouver this year. The rewards will come to them as they're putting in the graft rather than wait until two weeks before finals and panicking.

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