Saturday, 6 November 2010

The last word on 10:10

Have received all the replies I'm going to get from my 'Write to your MP / MEP' campaign over the abusive images of children in various 'Green' publicity as funded from the public purse. All of the responses have been pretty anodyne, and vaguely patronising, although my local MP in the UK (An apparatchik parachuted in from party HQ, not selected at local level) didn't deign to reply at all. Well there's a surprise. Still, five responses out of seven wasn't too bad, although to my total lack of amazement, there was no response from the office of the Energy Secretary. Probably too embarrassed at the furore created with their money to respond to the outrage.

Despite the lack of political reaction, I'm encouraged by the apparent dearth of further propaganda emanating from the serried sources of climate campaigners. Maybe the money supply to these parasites has been much reduced, or the word has been passed, "Don't use kids again". Maybe they were just made part of the recent UK public sector cull. Perhaps they're just regrouping. Whatever the reason, I'm calling the skirmish over 10:10 a result and applauding all the others who wrote to their MP / MEP to complain about said abuse of public funding. Also kudos are due to the 'No to O2' campaign, and all those who expressed their outrage to the commercial sponsors of what I'm calling 'climate child abuse'. The word is out, and the word is 'don't'.

In other quarters, even the most rabid greens are having the scales peeled from their eyes to realise that all the works of man are not an abuse of the environment. There's been far too much readiness to blame mankind, and not enough research to find the real root causes. Too much "Well we can't think what else it could be." and spectacular performances in the 100 metre conclusion jump.

Overall, I'm encouraged that the scientific method is arising from the ooze in which blinkered campaigners have smothered it with their 'consensus' bullshit, and open discussion is once more (slightly) in favour. Empiricism is being restored to it's proper place. Mostly. Maybe. I hope.

All I have to say is; good show chaps, but heads up and keep those vorpal bayonets fixed. The bastards will return for another go at freedom of speech and thought. Maybe in another guise, but they will be back. Upon that you can depend.


SadButMadLad said...

Is it the end of 10:10 style bad taste climate change campaigns?

Nope. Not when you have things like this at WattsUpWithThat

"New World Order, mass murdering, killing people with special vaccines, even “processing dead people into ration wafers“. Unimaginable!"

Yet more killing of people who don't believe in the "cause".

Bill Sticker said...

Ah, Soylent Green wafers. The old classic from "Make room, make room" by Harry Harrison.

The movie version starred Charlton Heston I believe.

Personally, I'm a believer in the paradigm Heinlein explored in 'Glory Road'. To wit; Evil is treating people like things. If a philosophy treats people like things for use or disposal it is therefore evil and to be resisted.

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