Friday, 26 November 2010

A good reason not to use Facebook

One of the news services I subscribe to is the specialist legal site run by legal eagles Pinsent Masons which can be pretty useful for keeping up to date with the latest on legal matters pertaining to the jolly old interweb.

One of the latest wheezes with regards to using those apparently oh so user fiendish friendly NHS services is if you have a Facebook profile. The bulk of the story is here, and includes this quotation*:
"Facebook capturing data from sites like NHS Choices is a result of Facebook’s own system," said a Department of Health statement. "When users sign up to Facebook they agree Facebook can gather information on their web use. NHS Choices privacy policy, which is on the homepage of the site, makes this clear."
Apparently if you haven't logged out of your Facebook profile properly (Just closing the browser window doesn't count), then go browsing the NHS database for details of an embarrassing little ailment you'd rather no-one else knew about, Facebook get to know all about it. Isn't that sweet?
Now you know why I went to extremes to delete my entire Facebook profile.

*Published under the 'fair use' provisions of the copyright act to draw attention to or comment upon the article in question, so there guv'nor, gor blimey, luv a duck, it's a fair cop, innit?

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Angry Exile said...

I only signed up to it so I could sledge the 10:10 mob on their Facebook page. Now I've managed that I'm trying to work out what the fuck it's actually for, what it can do that I couldn't with email, blogging and IM, and why half the world seems to be obsessed with the bloody thing. The privacy aspect is one thing I'm not worried about since I tell a some or more strategic lies whenever I register for anything online.

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