Sunday, 14 November 2010


Dropped by the Icelandic Met office site today to see this interesting little patch of tremors. The volcano in question is Öræfajökull (I think) which had its last big eruption in 1362. As always, the caveat remains that tremors alone do not an eruption make. Without data on ground deformation, yadada, yadada, no prediction can be made. So there. Although the seismic activity is several kilometres down, so for the moment an eruption seems unlikely. However, that judgement call is for the real volcano experts, not a dilettante like me.

You know what? I love these Icelandic place names, if only for the perverse schadenfreude of watching lamestream media newsreaders and various pumped up pundits swallow their own tongues trying to pronounce them.

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