Wednesday, 17 November 2010

People who know sod all about sharks write misleading nonsense

Oo look, people who want to pin the world's woes on climate change strike again. Failing that, their paper is being woefully misrepresented in the lamestream. Sad to say, all the articles I've seen so far written on the subject are complete and utter rubbish. Sad, lazy cut and paste journalism strikes again.

Here's why;

The Great White Shark, or Carcharodon carcharias, is a carnivorous predator that generally feeds on various sea mammals of all sizes, including snacking on the occasional unwary surfer or scuba diver. They've even been observed attacking some species of Whale. According to my old Game Fishing tome, written by a long time hunter of Sharks, Great Whites can be found as far north as the North Atlantic drift goes, right down to the equator, thence south of Cape Town. Their distribution is global, eschewing only the coldest waters. They follow the migrations of Tuna, Sea Lions, Seals, Turtles and anything remotely shark bite sized. To blame their distribution solely on changes in the climate is quite frankly, nonsense.

Whites are, for their single minded drive, a species with a remarkably developed sensory system. To say that the Mediterranean branch got 'lost' is misleading. Changes in temperature might have altered the food chain so that the various prey species altered their migration paths, but the Whites never got directionally challenged, waylaid, or distracted by a particularly attractive shoal of Mullet. They knew exactly what they were after. Food. Much of it Sea Mammals.

Bloody hell. I haven't even got a degree, and even I know that much.

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