Saturday, 8 May 2010

They're kidding - right?

In talks between the Lib Dems and Conservatives re the UK election results, 'Vichy' Dave Cameron has apparently said he will make the 'low carbon economy a priority'. WTF!?!

Is the guy terminally stupid or what? The UK economy is in serious trouble and bozo brain thinks it's a good idea to torpedo it completely? What is he on? Does the idiot think that everyone cycling to government non-jobs and using windmills to power the country is the answer? Christ on a bike! If he really thinks that he's as big a cunt headed moron as that Scottish tit that won't take a hint and sod off out of number 10.

I despair, I really do. Despite all the 'reports' and other guff, there is and has been no proven direct causal relationship between CO2 and catastrophic changes in the climate. No proof. No evidence. Fucking hell, acting on the climate alarmists half baked 'information' is as fucking stupid as believing putting crystals around a malfunctioning computer will somehow calm the illar vettir (Evil spirits) within the casing and make it work properly again.

Cameron must think the UK populace all believe in fucking fairies for Christ's sake! What a waste of bloody oxygen some people are. Not a sodding clue. What is it with some politicians? Are their heads so far up their own arses they can't see what's happening? Labour have fucked the UK economy, now Cameroid and Cleggsky are going to finish it off? Blood and sand.

A 'low-carbon' economy means no economy at all. Perhaps this is what really did for the Dinosaurs. No big meteor strike or volcanic eruption, but a suicidal mass insanity that led to widespread starvation and subsequent depopulation. Fucking hell.

Apology: The blog owner appreciates that the profanity in this post may offend. However, on this particular occasion he feels it is thoroughly justified.

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