Monday, 17 May 2010

Whole lotta shakin going on in Iceland

Just as one Swallow does not make a Summer, a single Earthquake does not an eruption make. Sorry Kate, but the single quake showing at the site of the Eastern Katla lava dome in Iceland doesn't add up to much. According the the Volcanologists, even a 'swarm' of quakes doesn't mean an eruption is imminent. The Icelandic Met Office have even gone so far as to post the following quotation.
Katla is NOT erupting and there are NO indications that Katla is about to erupt.
According to the seismic activity, it may be that the Mt Unpronounceable eruption which has sent so many Air Traffic chair warmers into a flat spin, may be scaling down. It certainly looks a lot quieter.

I'm just happy the eruption failed to live up to my own wild speculations. Time for tea.

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