Sunday, 2 May 2010

New sleeping arrangement

Well I'm not publishing the details of Mrs S and I's sex life (Whaddya think this is, a sex blog or summink?), but what I am posting is the custom built (By me) headboard which makes sitting up for reading or serving Mrs S with breakfast in bed (She's such a slave driver) a genuine pleasure. The top, a generous 34 inches from the mattress top has a rollover pad which prevents the top of the board banging against the wall, no matter what we get up to. You know the sort of perverted activities I mean; reading, drinking hot chocolate, playing Quake II on my antiquated laptop, even (Gasp!) Scrabble. Goodness gracious me! Some of us even sleep! Unless of course my beloved drops me a gentle hint by digging her fingernails mischievously into my ribs. In which case, all bets are most definitely off.

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