Friday, 21 May 2010

Watching the volcano

Regarding this blogs recent almost obsessive coverage of Icelandic volcanism; I have an ulterior motive. Youngest is coming across the pond in a few weeks and am mildly concerned about possible flight cancellations / delays during mid June. Ergo, I am watching the seismic and volcanic activity around Mt Unpronounceable with a wary eye. The recent seismic activity on the screengrab could be new magma rising to renew the eruption, or even magma draining away, signifying the end of this particular geologic eructation. Not being a proper volcano expert like this chap, I don't know. Tried both webcams, but I think it's raining heavily in that part of Iceland at present, so any remote visual observation is currently more or less impossible. The satellite view shows the ash cloud being shoved northwards, away from UK airspace, but Atlantic airflows vary, and I still worry.

Looking on the bright side, there have been no reports of aircraft dropping out of the sky following a plethora of flights over and around the main body of the ash cloud, so I'm booking hotels and ferries as if there will be no disruption. Although just to be on the safe side, I'm doing it with fingers, toes, nose and eyes firmly crossed.

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