Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election night confusion

9:50 Pacific Standard time: Watching the UK election poll coming in from three sources; Sky, Times online, UK Daily Telegraph, and BBC News. What's currently scrolling my knurd is that all three show differing results.

Not surprised to hear about various voting irregularities. Voter intimidation in Londonistan. Postal vote fraud. Poll 'irregularities' and other such shenanigans. Not to mention people having the polling station doors closed in their faces. That should at least keep a few lawyers gainfully employed.

Still amazed that anyone with a functioning brain cell actually voted Labour, or maybe they were just afraid of the Tories, perhaps of losing benefits or jobs if the Tories were to get an overwhelming majority. Whatever happens it won't change the UK's economic situation. The blade of massive public sector cuts will have to fall sometime. Britain is broke, and the EU has just shot it's wad into Greece. so no help from that quarter.

Upon sober reflection, I'm given to thinking that a hung Parliament might not be such a bad thing. At least it may result in a stemming of the flood tide of bass ackwards laws. Hmm. There's something to look forward to. Although there will probably not be any 'great repeal bill', at least the silly season legislation the Labourites were wont to think good ideas won't get funding any more, and maybe the torrent of public money poured into so-called but not really 'Green' public sector projects may evaporate. Therefore I feel there is a little room for optimism, even if it is through the proverbial glass, very darkly indeed.

Oh well..... A hung Parliament could be a blessing in disguise, even if it is an extremely clever disguise. All I can say has been said before. Notably in this song.......

Of course I could be wrong..... on the other hand, nah.

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