Tuesday, 4 May 2010

At 8pm Pacific Standard Time Thursday evening 6th May 2010

...... it will be 4am in the morning UK time, and we will know if the grand vision of New Labour is dead or not. Mrs S and I will be holding an on line vigil from when the polls in the UK close, to the counts conclusion. By midnight here in British Columbia it will be eight in the morning, and the UK will have a clue about the next government, whatever that may bring.

We have a lot invested in this, namely our savings which we have been forced to keep in Sterling rather than bring over to Canada to invest because the immigration rules tell us we cannot bring 'settlement funds' in until we have our Permanent Residency.

Furthermore we have been restricted in the amount we can earn over here. Yet still we have a quality of life that we could not dream of attaining in our previous incarnations in the UK, especially in the roles we once fulfilled. For this reason alone I will not even contemplate a return to the UK.

The pound has taken a battering of late, reducing the value of our holdings from a Canadian Dollar perspective. Should the election results please the markets, the pounds value will rise as speculators and investors buy into the market. Should the results not be so pleasing, such as a narrow New Labour victory, Mrs S and I must resign ourselves to further financial losses.

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Angry Exile said...

Not often the time zones do me a favour but for me the results will be coming in throughout Friday morning and we'll know to who's going to be buggering up the country for the next few years around lunchtime.

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