Saturday, 15 May 2010

Eyjafjallajökull webcam views 08:15 - 08:40 PST

Confused by all the news promising volcanic doom and disaster? You're not the only one, although you'll note all the 'coulds' and 'mights' in the various reports. Here's what was going on about eightish this morning Pacific Standard Time. Top is a screengrab of the live satellite plume view. 48 hours ago, the plume was a visible line on the view, this morning, nada. Second a false colour infrared view from an Icelandic Webcam. Third what the same view looks like in daylight.

Afraid? Why? This stuff goes on all the time all over the planet. Mind you, if you ignore the headline and read to the bottom of the Telegraphs piece, you will find the following remarks interesting.
Aer Lingus chief executive Christoph Mueller, who previously ran a German charter airline, complained that authorities have repeatedly grounded air services based on computer projections that turned out to be wrong. He said services in France, Germany and Switzerland should never have been disrupted this week.

Mueller said the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center "has been proven inaccurate several times and we have lost confidence in its reliability. It is now impossible to continue with it and we believe volcanic ash predictions thousands of miles away from the original eruption need to be treated differently."

Hi ho. Time for morning coffee.

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