Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wrapping up warm

Here in our part of BC the current El Nino is keeping us snug from the ravages of Arctic air currently bedevilling our Midwestern and European cousins. Although it's not doing the preparations for the Winter Olympics much good. However, should the wind shift we're ready for that too. Full log store, all weather tyres, heat pump operational, gas tanks topped up and definitely not relying on wind power.

According to the above video, this man made 'Global Warming' thing was never a threat, in spite of all the hoopla. None of the doomsday predictions have come true, or have shown any signs of doing so. It's a silly pointless circus where the lions of over hyped climatic disaster have emerged from their cages into the light of public examination, only to be seen as six week old kittens. The Climate Change Lion Tamers crack their media whips but the crowd have seen the reality and have started to boo them out of the ring for being cowardly frauds.

Tell you the truth, I'm so fed up with the whole thing that I'm shutting down the Apocalypse Sweepstake and I'm off to point and laugh at the freak show of activists as they trudge through the freezing rain and snow with facile 'Stop Climate change now' banners their only shield from the wind chill. As their funding disappears, so will all but the most fanatical. The smart money is on people like this being right.

We're still waiting for Winter to arrive, but I have a feeling we will be spared the worst over here on Vancouver Island this year. That will be nice.

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