Sunday, 17 January 2010

No pain

Have had a small epiphany. After yesterdays jaunt on a Kwak 650 trailie I think I've discovered the source of much minor inconvenience in my life. You know, the nagging little twinges that begin to plague you as you get past the forty mark. The occasional stiffness after sitting too long. Nothing major or worth consulting a Doctor about, but just part of the background noise of living.

Today that background noise is barely a whisper. A wraith of its former mildly frustrating general background presence. Something in my life has changed. A watershed, some kind of transcendence has occurred. Are the old injuries gone? Nope. Scar tissue still there from various knocks and scrapes obtained along the winding path of my life. I don't look very different, but, and this is the big but; there appears now an additional glint in the eyes. An ease and grace in movement. A sureness of step and purpose. The back straighter, taller and more confident. What is going on with me?

Only one thing has changed since yesterday; for the first time in several years I was back in the saddle, using my whole body to manoeuvre a KLR 650 along local roads and over rough ground. For a while there I felt a twinge of the old adrenalin rush I used to get from riding a sports tourer. Just a little, as the handling and performance of the KLR are mainly for off-road. There is only one diagnosis possible; my endorphin levels have had a significant boost.

What do I say next week when the immigration Doctor asks me "Are you addicted to anything?" If answering truly I would say I have a terminal addiction to Motorcycles. If so diagnosed, could I get a prescription for two hundred Kilometres a week to be taken at weekends? Say up to Campbell River and back, or maybe Port Alberni. They do it for drug addicts, and riding (to me at least it seems) is a drug, so maybe..... Gotta be worth a try.

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