Saturday, 30 January 2010

First we had....

'Climategate'; the release of emails, code, and programmers annotations which basically began the collapse of all the "It's all CO2, and we're all guilty" assertions.

Then we had 'Glaciergate'; the exposure of the lack of basic research upon which much of the "OMG! Breathing out will kill us all you filthy Deniers!" hysteria has been based.

Now we have 'Amazongate'; The assertion that an atmospheric trace gas would wreck the Amazon Rainforests, which has turned out to be the exact opposite of reality. Based on assertions from amounts to little more than a World Wildlife Fund press release. Hardly the grounds for 'Immediate action'. Sheesh. Some people will believe anything.

I'm still waiting for 'Oceangate' where spurious claims that absorption of 'excess' CO2 will harm the worlds oceans are proved to have originated off some obscure warmist blog because no-one wanted to spend time doing original research. Ho bloody ho. I'm so not amused.

Each and every time that CO2 has been pointed at as the villain of the climate modifiers, the panic mongers assertions have been proven groundless, even dangerously wrong. When even Bin Laden's voice is heard (From beyond the grave?) saying his followers should promote 'Global Warming' well I'd say that kind of wraps it up for man made climate change / global warming / whatever.

I tell you one thing though; David Cameron and his band of merry centre ground Blue Labourites aren't getting this (or Mrs S's) UK expatriates postal vote with their spurious claims of 'greener than thou'. He and his cohorts are just as bad as Jonah Brown and his not so merry men who are currently fucking the British economy. Will Cameron be any better? I say not. He's going to take the fall just like Edward Heath did in the early 1970's.

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TFGPB said...

It would be nice if Government and Media realised sooner rather than later that it is far more effective to have a simple message of 'Be sensible and think about how you treat the environment around you' than ramping up the situation to cataclysm.

Sadly both Media and Government continue to be the same and have little to differentiate themselves from their opponents other than the colour of their banners.

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