Saturday, 2 January 2010

Moving part 3

Well I'm in, a log fire has been lit. Oh... right. The new place looks like it's been carpet bombed with black polythene bags. Would like to be smarmy and upload a video of the new view, but the widget to do so is languishing inside one of the aforementioned black bags, so that will have to wait.

Today I'm off with friends to pick up a couch so that I can laze on it over Sunday and contemplate said heaps of black bags. I'll get better organised as the days go on, although when Mrs S returns I'm sure she'll change it all about. Sigh. such are the joys of married life. I bet Ug the Neanderthal caveman had the same problem. He'd tidy up the Flint and Mastodon bones into various niches in their little domicile, then Mrs Ug would come along and rearrange everything. Nothing much changes in that side of human nature then.

My mother rang this morning to complain about how cold it is in England. She's got the heating full on at present and stuff the bills. She's even resorting to putting hot water bottles on exposed pipes indoors. This is no surprise to me, as one time while I stayed at her house I had the discomfiting experience of waking up to find lumps of ice in my moustache. Since then she has had the place draught proofed and insulated and my moustache has gone, but her house still gets bloody cold in Winter. Happens every ten to twenty years.

Over here it's turned mild but grey, which is absolutely average for this time of year. Islands I can see from where I'm sitting at present (From North to south); Gabriola, Mudge, Link, DeCourcey, Valdez, Round, Galiano, Thetis / Kuiper and North Saltspring. Wow.


George Saint said...

I've just blundered across your site and my first impression is that you must be completely bonkers, the evidence being that you moved homes during Christmas. Further exploration has proven my initial impression to be quite accurate but in that wholly eccentric way that only the literate Englishman can be.

I've enjoyed what I've seen so far immensely and look forward to more. The view of the UK from the aspect of an ex-patriot is always worthy of consideration given its objectivity, but it is also always fun to hear of the exploits of an explorer settling in a new world.

Best of luck to you and a prosperous New Year.

Bill Sticker said...


Welcome to my nightmare. The move over Christmas was necessitated by a number of factors;
1. Opportunity. Christmas was when the new rental became available.
2. Space. We need it because Mrs S and I had simply outgrown our previous apartment and were beginning to drive each other crazy. Also we needed space for work, visitors and the socialising that comes as part of our jobs.
3. Comfort. Three bedrooms. Log fire. Heat pump. Big yard. Swimming pool. Massive deck. 1800 Square feet of indoor space. Contrast with living in a two bedroom (1 a box room) 800 square feet apartment with only basic electric heating.

Bonkers? No. It only appears that way.

Happy new year to you too.



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