Sunday, 24 January 2010

Global warming was a WWF press release?

Well, there's a turn up for the books. The IPCC's AR4 report appears to be in deeper trouble than even those of a sceptical mindset first surmised.

If those sharp cookies over at and are correct then all the concerns that the planet is warming uncontrollably have no more authority than a, a press release? "Hey! Give us all your money or the world's going to end!" Is that all there ever was to it? Ouch. That's gonna hurt.

There was a time when the World Wildlife Fund was a respected organisation, who dedicated untold hours of their time into saving endangered species. Now their, and by the same token, the IPCC's credibility is breaking up and slipping Titanic-like into the depths, ne'er to be seen in several lifetimes.

Perhaps some future Bob Ballard like character will find the rusticle encrusted hulk of their failed political science two and a half miles down. "Looks like it broke it's back under the weight of falsehoods when it ran into a berg like mass of empirical evidence." He might say when asked to give a reason for the cataclysm. "The not so good ship Global Warming was poorly designed, and although deemed unsinkable, brought the reputations and careers of many Scientific Researchers and Environmental Journalists to an untimely end as their funding sank without trace. It's very sad."

Glug...glug...glug.......... (Evil snigger)

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