Saturday, 16 January 2010

Webcams bloody webcams

Mrs S is on the last stage of her UK odyssey, and is due to return home to British Columbia shortly. Because I am a caring husband (Well she thinks so), I'm chafing at the bit a little. Because of this minor anxiety I've been scratting around the various webcam feeds from Manchester and Leeds in the UK to see what life is currently like there, but the image quality on all but the Highway Authority Cameras are either missing or crap. 404 and 403 errors abound. Especially with the BBC's webcams. You'd think they could do better.

There's nothing truly complicated about webcam feeds, so why do most of the buggers appear to be inaccessible from this side of the world? Is it because whoever set up the feed switched the hosting machine off when they went home? Sheesh.

This is one of the issues with being eight time zones away from your family when there's a possible problem. You're cut off and blind as a day old kitten. It's very frustrating.

So here's my request; I know from my reader stats that there's one of you site visitors at least who lives in or around the Manchester area. Can I presume upon your better nature to send me some recent (Daytime preferred) images of Manchester or Leeds? The e-mail address is billsticker at gmail dot com. Many thanks in advance for any help given.

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